About Trondheim

A lively student city that you simply have to visit.

The combination of a Norwegian city with a relatively small center, the food culture with the diverse range of cafes and modern sides combined with old, small and colorful wooden houses is unique. Just the way along the old department stores on the river Nid to the old red bridge is an experience. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of the city.

Neighborhoods in Trondheim

There are 4 main districts in Trondheim. Relatively modern Solsiden, the sunny side of town near the harbour. Here you can really enjoy a seat in the sun at a café and admire the beautiful flowers along the bridge over the River Nid in the summer. The Solsiden district is full of energy and best reflects the joie de vivre of Trondheimers.

The second special part of town is the historic Bakklandet. Workers and craftsmen used to live here and the old wooden houses were supposed to give way to a 4-lane motorway in the 1960s. Thank goodness the Trondheimers prevailed and today the district is one of Trondheim's most popular and best-preserved gems. Here you can buy local products, discover special cafés, restaurants and shops and stroll along the almost car-free streets. Bakklandet connects the historic part with the center of the city via the old red city bridge, also known as the "Bridge of Fortune". However, before you get to the center, don't miss the bike lift. Unique in its form and application, it goes, among other things, for students from the city up a hill to the university.

The third district is the actual center of the city of Midtbyen, the heartbeat of Trondheim. Here are the most important sights, such as the national shrine, Nidaros Cathedral, the market square with the statue of the city's founder Olav Trygvasson, Stiftsgården and also the city's largest shops.

As the fourth and last district we would like to mention Ila, the lively and creative part of the city. Here the nearest fjord and parks meet, modern and old traditional styles, colorful art on different houses. Here you meet the artist soul of the city, who also uses the recreational opportunities on Ila.

Trondheim has been selected as the European Region for Gastronomy in 2022, which certainly has something to do with the wonderful raw materials and local products. Many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and much more offer very special local products for all taste experiences. It is worth taking a tasteful stroll through the city and exploring what Trondheim has to offer.

Discovering Trondheim with us offers many possibilities. Whether on your own with an audio guide, which, in addition to information about the sights, also provides a lot of interesting facts and personal experiences of our guides about Trondheim. A guided tour as a city walk, a bus tour, or a special Food tour through different parts of the city with local products. Let yourself be inspired. Trondheim is worth a visit at any time of the year.

A street photo of Trondheim during the winter
A flower arrangement in one of Trondheims streets.
Kayaking in front of the Nidaros Cathredal
A view of Nidaros Cathredal